We serve our customers through state-of-the-art technologies, best-in-class infrastructure coupled with high level of automation and intense focus on time management in port and vessel operations, thereby providing them convenience delight. We offer value for money, which enables us to retain customer trust and confidence.

Our interactions with our customers are not limited to maintaining a rewarding relationship, but to maximize the customer experience. It provides us with multi-fold benefits such as customer retention, increased revenues, enhanced brand image and business sustainability.

Businesses around the globe are always focused on efficient and effective operations. This involves smooth coordination and seamless integration amongst multiple functions and across levels within the organization. However, this is easier said than done, especially when the organization grows to become a behemoth like ours. In order to manage the business and operations effectively, IT has proven to be a saviour. IT has become an integral part of our lives to such an extent that we do not even realize its significance in routine work.

IT has great significance for any business in easing the processes, reducing the man-efforts and reducing the chances of human errors to a great extent. If leveraged appropriately, IT can create a distinct advantage for the businesses of all types, be it traditional ones or the new-age services organizations. The organizations which have been able to derive great benefits by using IT, have come to think of it as strategically prominent function. We’re one of such organizations and indeed pioneer in using IT based tools in the Ports sector.

Initiatives & Achievements

We have implemented various initiatives such as our ‘Smart Port’ initiative, which uses loT devices; we leverage big data analytics to offer superior value to our customers.

  • We have developed Vessel Cargo Tracking which allows customers to check and monitor vessel and cargo status at the port through mobile phones etc.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey is conducted once in two years to identify the needs and expectations of our customers, thereby creating opportunities for improvement.
  • Our sector is vulnerable to a range of cyber risks including thefts, misuse of personal data, and so on, which if not controlled can be dangerous. We have implemented stringent measures with respect to data privacy and security.
  • We have built a 3-D view of Mundra and Hazira ports, integrated with live-feed of operations data. 3-D training includes modules for Wharf Checkers, Yard Checkers and Deck Checkers. Safe working on container terminals, safe working aboard container vessel, handling dangerous cargo and performance measurement, are also part of the module.
  • To bring Ease of doing Business to our customers, APSEZ has developed ‘Customerry’, an integrated CRM System that reflects and allows centralized management of all customer data – all activities, workflow, order details, volume of business, documentation, etc.
  • On’D’Go, APSEZ’s Fleet Management System, allows real-time monitoring of fleet that helps improve ROI, provides support for better decision-making for optimum fleet utilisation and provides better safety and security adherence.
  • We utilise various IT tools such as APMS, SAP and Mercury amongst others to help us achieve operational and business excellence resulting into tangible benefits

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