Growth with Sustainability

Being one of the greenest port operators in the world, we are extremely mindful of resourceful habitat creation and have taken huge initiatives for mangrove preservation and environment conservation. In FY 17-18, the total mangrove cover was increased by almost 250 Ha in Mundra over 2011.

The same period saw zero hazardous waste to go landfills. Further in line with our commitment to become carbon neutral, our GHG emission intensity has reduced by 9% during FY 17- 18. We believe that low carbon footprint will make us more competitive in the future which has prompted conservation initiatives to reduce our energy intensity by 6%. Our aspiration is to operate all our ports on renewable energy sources. Currently, our renewable energy capacity, which accounts for 2% of our total energy consumption, is 9.33 MW. We are committed to expand its ratio in the future. Likewise our other conservation and optimisation initiatives have reduced water intensity by 13% in FY 17-18.

We foresee growing demand for LNG and LPG with India’s commitment towards clean energy.. However, absence of LNG infrastructure for imports and distribution pose challenges. . To ensure that our country gets clean fuel, our focus over the next 3 to 5 years will be on developing infrastructure to facilitate LNG supply. We plan to commission a LPG facility at Mundra and construct a LPG facility at Dhamra.

In addition to environment management, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the society. Through the Adani Foundation we continue to make tangible impact on communities with focus on four distinct areas – education, community health, sustainable livelihood and community infrastructure development. We invest time, energy and resources in capacity building and infrastructure creation.

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