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At Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ), we have long recognised that strong financial performance alone is not enough; measures of performance must exude social and environmental responsibility. While the delivery of value to shareholders and investors is a key business driver, we focus concurrently on maintaining a sustainable environment in which all stakeholders benefit from shared values.
Sustainability is a corporate agenda for APSEZ to deliver overarching principle of tipple bottom-line. Adani Ports is striving towards becoming Green Port by managing port operations and services responsibly, creating safe, secure and eco-friendly working environment at all sites and workplaces. APSEZ demonstrates a commitment to the environment and to society that goes beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations. Operations of APSEZ integrate with the principles and standards of good governance to enhance sustainability of APSEZ’s Business.
We are committed to integrating sustainability practices into our day-to-day core business because we recognise that sustainability is not simply a “nice to have” tag or even a matter only of good corporate citizenship – it has become central to business success.
One of the key sustainability highlights for the year is roll-out of our sustainability reporting system. Year 2015-16 will represent the first full financial year report with standardised definition of key indicators and greatly enhanced the data presentation across our major operations (Hazira and Mundra). In a company as diverse and multi-locational as ours, the benefit of such reporting cannot be overstated. Because we can manage only what we can measure, the accuracy and integrity of data is central to our ability to improve our sustainability performance.
P. N. Roy Chowdhury

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