Water being a scarce natural resource needs attention. APSEZ is working towards reducing its dependence on fresh water consumption and accordingly, have set-up wastewater treatment plant across ports and logistics sites wherever mandated or required.

Our Water Stewardship Policy guides water management across all sites.

Initiatives & Achievements

  • Company invested approximately ₹ 11 crores at Hazira port for constructing 14 km long water pipeline to channelize treated wastewater of KRIBHCO. In FY 20, 79% of our water needs were met through this source.
  • We channelize 2 million liters per day of untreated municipal wastewater generated from Mundra town, Nanakapaya village and OCCL Colony to our facilities at Mundra for operational use. This has led to improvement in sanitation conditions of these areas.
  • In FY 20, we utilized 36 % and 97% treated wastewater of other industries at Dahej and Vizag respectively, as guided by our site-specific water management plan.
  • We used desalinated sea water at Mundra that reduced our dependence on fresh water by 88 %.
  • Since FY 16, we reduced overall water consumption by 20% through technology deployment and effective water management practices.

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