We signed the India Business and Biodiversity Initiative declaration to act responsibly in several biodiversity areas such as target setting, inclusion in management systems, and engagement with stakeholders. We identify biodiversity impacts and uses Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment to focus on terrestrial and marine life. As a signatory to the initiative, which is a commitment by our Board, biodiversity automatically features as a top agenda of our Board.

Initiatives & Achievements

  • The area nearby Dhamra port is a nesting ground for rare Olive Ridley Turtles. The species is recognised as vulnerable by the IUCN Red list. In view of this, we have created a corpus of ₹ 30 crore for conservation and protection of the Olive Ridley Turtles.
  • Dhamra Port is supporting initiative of Forest Department to conserve Kanika Island by mangrove and Casuarina plantation, channel cleaning etc.
  • We have planted more than 1 million trees till the end of FY20 across all the locations.
  • We have adopted Israel - Dutch Water Sprinkler System and underground drip-irrigation for watering plants which is highly effective in water scarce arid region where water salinity is high.
  • We are using underground drip-irrigation to deliver water directly to the plant roots to avoid water loss through evaporation. It reduces water usage up to 80%.
  • We have preserved 87+ species in terrestrial biodiversity with a survival rate of 94%, which is an achievement in saline desert and other locations.
  • We utilized 528 ML of treated wastewater in FY20, at our facilities for irrigation and also utilizing the treated sludge of STP and other processed organic waste as manure.

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