Out of the 15,000 Ha planned expanse of Mundra Special Economic Zone presently, two notified multi-product SEZs spread over an area of 6473 Ha respectively and a Free Trade and Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) spread over an area of 168 Ha is developed. Mundra SEZs allow flexibility to industries in deciding plot size as per their respective project requirements.

Internal Roads

Elaborate road network within Mundra SEZ has been designed for heavy freight movement, with an objective to provide smooth access to the port, processing zone, non-processing zone, commercial, warehousing zone and potential growth regions. As per the proposed development plan, a road network with high level of services has been developed in the east-west and north-south directions.

  • All roads in the zone are designed as per IRC Standard codes and safety norms,
  • 130 kms of road length comprising of arterial, sub-arterial and internal is built within the SEZ with additional 20 kms to be developed.


World’s largest private single location thermal power plant is an integral part of Mundra SEZ.

  • Generating capacity of 4620 MW
  • Reliable power through ring main unit is made available at competitive rates to the units within Mundra SEZ
  • MPSEZ Utilities Pvt. Ltd. (MUPL) is the deemed distribution licensee for power distribution within the zone
  • Sub-stations developed at various strategic locations within Mundra SEZ
  • Power can be supplied at different voltages ranging from 220 Kv / 66 Kv / 33 Kv / 11 Kv to the units in the zone.
  • 33 Kv / 11 Kv supply in the zone is through underground cable network


Mundra SEZ has a comprehensive water management system including water desalination plant, water distribution network, etc

  • 200 MLD Desalination Plants planned within Mundra SEZ in a modular way
  • 27 MLD desalination plants currently operational with additional 20 MLD to be added soon.
  • 40 kms of water distribution network has been laid.


  • Gas pipeline connectivity up to Mundra proposed by GSPC
  • LNG Terminal planned at Mundra Port

Effluent Treatment

Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) has been proposed at various locations of the zone in a modular way.

  • Environment Clearance received for developing 17 MLD Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CEPT)
  • 2.5 MLD CETP is operating as part of Phase – I development.

Business Support infrastructure and facilities

  • Central Business District (CBD) for offices and other commercial activities ranging from International trading, insurance, logistic services, etc. planned and developed in phases.
  • Nationalized and Private Sector Banks operating inside the SEZ.
  • Post Office & Telephone Exchange available inside the SEZ
  • Office of Development Commissioner and Customs’ functional in the zone.
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