We operate young and modern dredgers (of European make) with a professional team ensuring delivery to the client’s expectations. Our team uses the best in class technology to ensure that each equipment is optimally utilized.

We operate the largest cutter suction dredging fleet in the subcontinent and are expanding our maintenance dredging fleet as well.

  • Capital Dredging


    APSEZL’s core strength has been in capital dredging. We own and operate 12 CSD’s of varying sizes and capacities which enables us in taking up a variety of work. We have 4 booster stations which can be utilized along with the dredgers for long distance pumping. Our fleet is supported by extensive offshore, onshore support equipment and pipelines.


    Using our capital dredging equipment, we have successfully reclaimed land from the sea to create the largest coal import terminal in the world. Our in-depth knowledge of the abilities of our equipment enables us to take up a variety of challenging assignments.


    Some of the offbeat projects that we have successfully implemented in the recent past are:


    • Creation of intake and outfall channels for power plants; including breaking of rock in the channel via chiseling
    • Breaking old quay walls with the help of chiseling and blasting
    • Extensive port development and expansion projects under challenging sea conditions
    • Approach channel deepening and widening projects.
  • Maintenance Dredging


    APSEZL has been steadily increasing its maintenance dredging capability over the past few years. We operate a multitude of maintenance dredging equipment which includes a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, a Water Injection Dredger, a self-propelled grab dredger, dumb grab dredgers and a special dredger for under-berth dredging.


    The above equipment is capable of handling different siltation patterns at our ports along the coastline of India. For example,


    • the WID was built indigenously specifically for handling the floating silt situations at our ports and
    • the specialized dredger was built to handle specific berthing problems in Dhamra.
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