Our Vision

To be a world class leader in businesses that enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation.

10X growth in last 10 years

Right from energy preservation to community development, be a part of the growth story at Adani. We at Adani, believe that nation building begins first with a strong team that trusts collective effort and brings the best to the table. At Adani, we believe that a strong team with the right values can make all the difference.

Asset base of 20$ billion

At Adani, every project is big in its significance. We believe in giving our best for every project and making it a big success. So when you become a part of the team, you’ll be chosen to lead and execute projects that are big in its scale and execution.

30,000+ employment opportunities created

Take your career on a faster track with Adani. We have high growth career options and believe that every individual with the right knowledge and training can grow to the fullest.

Prospects for working in multiple Projects / Businesses / Industries

Adani has a diverse set of businesses to work for: right from infrastructure to renewable power generation. Get hands on experience of working across different business verticals and understanding and being a part of various businesses.

World class process, system & practices

We believe in following world class processes, systems and practices that are technologically driven and evolved. Be a part of the team that leads in technological brilliance and prowess to bring efficiency and precision at work.

On the job learning opportunity from industry leaders and experts

Adani has some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Being a part of the team at Adani means you get first hand information and knowledge from industry experts about various businesses from any part of the world.

Opportunity to be part of an organization known for speed of execution

Speed is of utmost importance when it comes to efficient yet timely completion of projects. At Adani, you’ll work on multiple assignments that will train and season you in accomplishing projects, within a specific deadline.

Continuous self-development through Intensive Learning and Development initiatives

We create multiple opportunities for self growth and development. Right from training our employees  to achieve maximum results in their respective growth areas to creating learning opportunities  throughout multiple businesses, Adani believes in giving opportunities to individuals to grow through constant learning.

A place where one is free to explore and give shape to one’s ideas

Freedom inculcates a sense of creative excellence and rightful ownership of projects and assignments. Hence, At Adani, we give every employee the space to grow through individual thinking and bring fearless thinking that pushes the envelope of growth further and leads to successful business accomplishments.

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APSEZ- HO Positions

Thinking Big, doing better starts here. You shall see high standards of business and co workers full of passion. enthusiasm and energy working
as a team to build an ecosystem of growth and success.

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Team Connect

Workshop on Successful Parenting

The workshop is aimed at helping young parents to understand and implement the principles of successful parenting, an aspect that often gets ignored in hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mera Adani

Mera Adani is an event in the form of a walk through exhibition with employees participating by occupying stalls and enjoy a free hand in creatively representing various functions and processes within the organization.

Diwali Celebrations 2015

The synergy amongst team members is clearly visible as they decorate their workstations for Diwali. Envionrment friendly Organic substances such as flowers, spices and leaves used for decoration not only adds colour to workplace but enhances aroma to fill colours, aroma decoration. View a glimpse of these special days that brightens up the colours of life at Adani.

Independence Day 2015

Freedom is what you make of it! This independence Day, we commit ourselves once again to the cuase of nation building so India becomes a power to reckon with in the years to come. Happy Independence Day

Learning & development

Developing Leaders

Ensure Adani Group grows talent from within and has the robust pipeline of motivated leaders & employees to accomplish Adani Vision & Goals in alignment with Adani Values & Culture, and to drive GROWTH & SUSTAINABILITY, by leveraging their full potential and providing them a clear career path.

We're a progressive group of people who believe in changing the world for better and we do a lot of things together - Festivals , happy hours , trips , workshops , games , lunch and a lot of fun.
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