This statement attributed to an Adani spokesperson:

We have initiated all actions in line with our Disaster Management Plan and SOPs thereof at Dighi, Hazira, Dahej, Mundra, and Tuna terminal. The SOPs are all-encompassing covering people safety, vessel safety, equipment safety, backup yard safety, vehicle & Railway safety as well as storm water drainage, etc.

We have simultaneously stocked medicines, dry rations & kept communication lines clear and preparedness for power disruptions. 

Quick Response Teams (QRT) are deployed at strategic locations to handle any emerging situation. 

All sites are working in close coordination with local administration and extending support to handle the emerging situation.

Further, APSEZ ports participated in the cyclone preparedness meeting chaired by Hon'ble Minister Commerce and Hon'ble Minister Ports and confirmed preparedness. 

APSEZ has also updated Maritime Boards and State Governments of Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat about preparedness and is working in coordination with Government authorities.