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At Adani, we have a judicious blend of a strong value system evolving best practices for enhancing and improving - Organisational & Employee Capability for maximising organisational objectives. People processes / practices have been designed and executed to facilitate these in a conducive work environment. View a glimpse of major happenings that define Life at Adani.

  • Recent Events

    Workshop on Successful Parenting

    The workshop is aimed at helping young parents to understand and implement the principles of successful parenting, an aspect that often gets ignored in hustle and bustle of daily life.


    Mera Adani

    Mera Adani is an event in the form of a walk through exhibition with employees participating by occupying stalls and enjoy a free hand in creatively representing various functions and processes within the organization.


    Diwali Celebrations 2015

    The synergy amongst team members is clearly visible as they decorate their workstations for Diwali. Envionrment friendly Organic substances such as flowers, spices and leaves used for decoration not only adds colour to workplace but enhances aroma to fill colours, aroma decoration. View a glimpse of these special days that brightens up the colours of life at Adani.


    Independence Day 2015

    Freedom is what you make of it!

    This independence Day, we commit ourselves once again to the cuase of nation building so India becomes a power to reckon with in the years to come.

    Happy Independence Day

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